;;; -*- Mode:Lisp; Package:ONTOLINGUA-USER; Syntax:COMMON-LISP; Base:10 -*-

(in-package "ONTOLINGUA-USER")

(define-theory vt-example (vt-domain)
  "An theory for demonstrating how to specify a design task.
It uses the VT-domain domain theory.")

(in-theory 'vt-example)

;;; This is an example specification of the input to a VT design agent.

  "A class of elevators satisfying the given requirements, 
which are stated as a constraint that assigns values to
some attributes."
  (and (elevator ?e)
       (valid-component ?e)
         (the-constraint '(and
                            (= (cabheight ?e) 96)
                            (= (maxcarcapacity ?e) 3000)
                            (= (cabintercomspec ?e) "no")
                            (= (cablanternspec ?e) "no")
                            (= (carphonespec ?e) "yes")
                            (= (carpositionindicatorspec ?e) "yes")
                            (= (dooropeningtype ?e) "side")
                            (= (doorspeedspec ?e) "double")
                            (= (floorheightspec  ?e) 165)
                            (= (hoistwaydepth ?e) 110)
                            (= (hoistwaytofrontmbeam ?e) 3)
                            (= (hoistwaywidth ?e) 90)
                            (= (mbeamsupportdistspec ?e) 118)
                            (= (mbeamsupporttypespec ?e) "pocket")
                            (= (machineroommbeamspec ?e) 16)
                            (= (openingheight ?e) 84)
                            (= (openingstrikesidespec ?e) "right")
                            (= (openinghoistwayleftspec ?e) 32)
                            (= (dooropenwidth ?e) 42)
                            (= (noofopenings ?e) 6)
                            (= (overheadspec ?e) 192)
                            (= (pitdepth ?e) 72)
                            (= (platformheightspec ?e) 84)
                            (= (platformwidthspec ?e) 70)
                            (= (elevatorspeed ?e) 250)
                            (= (travelspec ?e) 729))))))

The above descriptions prescribes the requirements that a particular
elevator design must meet.  Using this description a satisfactory
elevator design may be requested with a query.  In the following,
we use KQML query syntax:

;;; find one ?e that satifies the definition of
;;; example-elevator-to-design

 (ask-one :content (example-elevator-to-design ?e)
	  :aspect ?e
	  :language KIF
	  :ontology VT-DOMAIN
	  :reply-with REQUEST-10)

The following reply might sent by the design agent:

 (reply :content DESIGN-B7
	:in-reply-to REQUEST-10
	:language KIF
	:ontology VT-DOMAIN)

The attributes of DESIGN-B7 can then be found through additional
queries such as:

 (evaluate :content (cabwt DESIGN-B7)
	   :reply-with CAB-WEIGHT
	   :language KIF
	   :ontology VT-DOMAIN)

;;; cabwt is a slot of DESIGN-B7 that was computed by the design agent


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