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Function In-Implementation

(in-implementation <implementation-name>
   [:theory-action <theory-action>])
Changes the current target for Ontolingua translation.

<IMPLEMENTATION-NAME> should be a symbol that names a target representation for which there is a loaded ontolingua translator. if no implementation of that name exists, an error is signalled. A list of acceptable implementation names may be found on the variable *ALL-IMPLEMENTATIONS*.

:THEORY-ACTION - If the keyword argument :THEORY-ACTION is supplied and is non-nil, Ontolingua will attempt to locate a theory of the new implementation with the same name as the current theory and make that theory current (see IN-THEORY). If such a theory cannot be located it will be instantiated. if the value of :theory-action is :QUERY (the default) the user will be queried before any such instantiated takes place.

Unlike IN-PACKAGE, an IN-IMPLEMENTATION form at top level in a file affects only the load environment (see ONTO-LOAD.)