Kenneth Cheng



Stanford University
Master of Science, June 1997
Major: Computer Science
Concentration: Artificial Intelligence/System

Brigham Young University
Bachelor of Science, June 1991
Major: Information/Computer Science
Concentration: Computer Programming and Systems Analysis

Working Experience

Resarch Assistant. 1996-Present
Knowledge System Laboratory, Stanford University
Develop Expert System prototype and user interface using Java, CGI script, and C++. Current projects include Patient Advocate, an outpatient self-monitoring system; Virtual Theater, an experimental projects to create "synthetic characters" that can act according to the mood and personality set to the improvisation agent; Life-like Autonomous Service Agent, a self-government agent that provides customer service by emulating how human service agents serve and react to customers. Assist other projects by converting research prototypes to Web-downloadable modules. Implement scripting language using yacc, lex, and c++ for the Virtual Theater research group.

Computer Systems Manager 1992-1995
Island Mortgage Corporation
Developed and maintained the company's mortgage software, Mortgage Perfect, in PICK and Visual Basic environment. Designed Database layout for the Mortgage Perfect software. Languages used include PICK Basic, Visual Basic and C. Installed and administered the company's Netware Wide Area Network with 80 user nodes in Oahu, Maui, Hilo, and Kona. Supervised and assisted the computer staff to fulfill their duties of systems analysis, network operation, and customer service. Management responsibilities include meeting with management staff to discuss future projects and current computer issues in the company, holding regular staff meeting to follow up with the progress of assignments, and managing budget of the computer department.

Computer Programmer 1991-1992
Long Distance USA, Sprint
Designed and programmed company's billing system in Prime mainframe. Implemented reports, billing statement and on-line charge update utilities using Prime BASIC language.

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Current Projects

Patient Advocate
The Patient Advocate project is about a cooperative agent to support patient-centered needs and demands.
Virtual Theatre
This project focuses on intelligent actors for a computer-animated improvisational theater game for children.
Life-like Autonomous Service Agent
This project focuses on creating an intelligent virtual service agent to provide customer services to various business sectors over the internet.
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My Little Java Invention

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Personal Interests

Outdoor: basketball, hiking, traveling
Indoor: Cooking, watching TV, playing guitar, singing
Other:Learning other cultures, develop AI agents
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My Favorite Links

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Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Contact Information

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Office phone
(415) 723-8226

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