The story of Vilhelm Heiberg

Basic Facts

Full name
Anton Vilhelm Heiberg jr.
Nick names
Willie, Will, Willy Wonka, Titten Tei, etc ....
Oslo, Norway, July 5th 1970 (it was a Sunday)
Marrital status

The story

I grew up in Oslo, Norway. After high school I started studying computer science at the University of Oslo. I also joined the University of Oslo White Water Kayaking club, and I have been an active member there since.

I studied in Oslo for 1 1/2 years and then I served a year in the Norwegian army, where I became a sergeant with special training in explosives. I really wanted to become a paratrooper (a soldier that jumps out of airplanes) but never managed to fullfill that so I started skydiving in Oslo Skydiving Club instead. I have been skydiving in this club since.

At this time it was clear to me that I wanted to to study abroad and I had started the application process. I worked as a pizza delivery boy for 4 months (that's where I developed my furious driving habbits) before I finally got admitted to a university in the U.S. It was Iowa State University. Why Iowa you might ask. I have no good answer to that, except that's where I got admitted. I learned some stuff and made many good friends. I was an active member of the Iowa State Skydivers Club when I was there. After 2 1/2 years at Iowa State I had finished my bachelor in computer science there. My Mom visited me for graduation and I had job interviews lined up back home. Life was cool and simple in those days.

When I got home after graduation in May 1994, I got a job at Computas Expert Systems A/S just outside Oslo. The company specializes in knowledge systems technology and other fields within artificial intelligence. I worked as a regular programmer but got more and more interested in these fields. I wanted to learn more...

Already at my Iowa State days, I had plans about taking a masters degree. When working at Computas, I filed applications at some universities in California, and I got admitted to Stanford. - and now I am here.

Why I am studying at Stanford

There are two main reasons I am here.
  1. To get a good education and valuable experience about the latest developments in the computer software industry and about artificial intelligence.
  2. To experience California. That means everything the Beach Boys sings about: Surfing, beaches, sun, cars, girls, etc.
Of course, the hard part is to balance between these two goals.

Anything else you want to know about me?
-- send me an email.
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