The Here And Now

Welcome to my hot topics page. These are a few things I'm currently working on and hoping to get feedback on improving... as well as some personal interests.

Day in the life audio files are now in place... see below!


For those unfamiliar to Medjugorje, it is a small town in the former Yugoslavia where several children claim to be visited regularly by the Virgin Mary since 1981. Mary's messages to the world repeatedly asks for people to pray, fast and convert, for the world today has turned away from God. The hundreds of thousands who have pilgrimaged there in the past 13 years report many miracles, similar to those described at Fattima.


On a somewhat lighter note, TaleMaker is a recently developed educational software tool for children 6 to 9 years of age (although us older people have had a lot of fun playing with it too). We're still Beta testing it (and we use the term "Beta" loosely, so consider it possible to have it crash your system), and would love to have people freely try out our beta software which you can download by clicking here. There will be more information and we have some data files available. Oh, by the way, it requires a Macintosh running system 7... and a color monitor would be a good thing.

Tufts University Television

Okay, so this is here for nostalgia's sake, and because TUTV was such a fond part of my undergraduate life. Since the current members of TUTV have actually put a web page up, I had to provide a link. And for them, I offer a graphic, that had been archived somewhere on the depths of my PC, that they might consider as my donation to the TUTV page. To view it, click here. (Use Mosaic's Load To Local option to download it).

A Day In The Life series - NOW WORKING!!

For those unfamiliar with my digitally-created answering machine messages (the few who haven't called and hung up just to hear them)... you can now hear the latest on the web!! (To save me the frustration of people hanging up on my voice-mail). The following are in the 'au' format. So far, we only officially have "The Date" series:
Marco DeCapite <>