Knowledge Representation and Sharing

This document provides information about the Knowledge Systems Laboratory ongoing work in knowledge representation, ontologies, and knowledge sharing.

Look here for the KSL Seminar schedule.

Project Meeting Schedule

Date Agenda
10/4/96 Topics: top level ontologies; representational techniques; ontology standards meeting; High Performance Knowledge Base (HPKB) program.
Reading: Russel and Norvig; "Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach"; pages 217-247.
10/11/96 Cancelled due to Power failure!?!
10/18/96 Topics: structuring knowledge bases using discriminating factors rather than taxonomies; critique of the ontology described in chapter 8 of Russel and Norvig.
Contrast the Russel and Norvig ontology for measures with the one found in the KSL library. Look, for instance, at the definition for inch in the standard-units ontology.
Reading: Farquhar, Fikes, Rice; "The Ontolingua Server: a Tool for Collaborative Ontology Construction"; on-line at KSL-96-26.html.
10/25/96 Topics: Discuss the CYC upper level ontology and contrast it with Russel and Norvig.
Reading: Lenat and Guha; Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems; pages 171-197.
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