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A function is a mapping from a domain to a range that associates a domain element with exactly one range element. The elements of the domain are tuples, as in relations. The range is a class -- a set of singleton tuples -- and element of the range is an instance of the class. Functions are also first-class objects in the same sense that relations are objects: namely, functions can be viewed as sets of tuples.
Subclass-Of: Relation


(<=> (Function ?Relation)
     (And (Relation ?Relation)
          (Forall (?Tuple1 ?Tuple2)
                  (=> (Member ?Tuple1 ?Relation)
                      (Member ?Tuple2 ?Relation)
                      (= (Butlast ?Tuple1) (Butlast ?Tuple2))
                      (= (Last ?Tuple1) (Last ?Tuple2))))))