Knowledge Sharing Effort public library

This is a public directory for information and software related to the ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort. An overview of the KSE is available online.

The ftp address of this directory is

The WWW address is

Library Contents

Within this directory are subdirectories for each of the following categories. Each subdirectory has an introductory index.html file (README.text for ftp). If you're using a WWW browser, you may just follow the links emanating from this file.


Publicly available ontologies in several formats. This used to be a static library but is now available through the KSL Interactive Ontology Server. The Interactive Ontology Server has many new and updated ontologies; the static versions are now out of date.


Documents related to knowledge sharing. Many are in postscript and/or MS Word/binhex formats. The file papers/index.html is a table of contents for the library, and contains abstracts of papers. To post new papers here, send mail to

Email lists

Archives of mail discussions are available in WWW hypertext format. You can read these archives using a WWW browser, and follow conversational threads by traversing hyperlinks.

The file email-lists.text explains how to subscribe to the relevant email discussion lists.


Software and documentation about the Ontolingua tools for developing, maintaining, and delivering portable ontologies. Includes a Lisp-based KIF parser and syntax checker. The KSL Interactive Ontology Server our supported means of using Ontolingua to create, translate, and publish ontologies. We no longer support Ontolingua as a source distribution; its services are available over the web instead. The version of Ontolingua previously found here has therefore been removed because it is no longer supported.

Software Library

The lib subdirectory contains other free software related to knowledge sharing, including:

Agents and Mediators

Agents that use the KQML/KIF/ontologies protocols.