Reuse of Knowledge Represented in the Arden Syntax

Reference: Shwe, M.; Sujansky, W.; & Middleton, B. Reuse of Knowledge Represented in the Arden Syntax. Washington, D.C., 1992.

Abstract: Knowledge Data Systems is building a medical expert system that uses the Arden syntax as a knowledge representation. Having encoded many different types of rules in the Arden syntax, we have noticed a number of shortcomings of the syntax. Many of these shortcomings originate from Arden's procedural orientation, from its failure to separate factual medical knowledge from knowledge of how the medical facts should be applied to a particular clinical situation. The absence of this seperation leads to redundancy of knowledge and to difficulties in knowledge reuse. We suggest that standards for representing medical logic preserve this separation to engender knowledge reuse. We propose a general framework for representing medical logic which supports both knowledge sharing and reuse.

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