Guaranteeing Real-Time Response with Limited Resources

Reference: Ash, D.; Gold, G.; Seiver, A.; & Hayes-Roth, B. Guaranteeing Real-Time Response with Limited Resources. 1992.

Abstract: Certain patient-monitoring domains require real-time response to unanticipated events in order to provide high-quality care and avoid catastrophic outcomes. In this paper, we present an approach for guarenteeing a response to such events even in situations where we have limited problem-solving resources. We show that an action-based hierarchy can accomplish this goal. We also analyze the performance of this hierarchy under varying resouce availability and discuss decision-theoretic approaches to enable us to best structure such a hierarchy. We also describe an implementation of these ideas, called ReAct, in the BB1 architecture. All the ideas are illustrated with examples from the surgical intensive care unit (SICU) patient monitoring domain.

Notes: January Revised February 1993.

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