Guidon-Debug: The Student as Knowledge Engineer

Reference: Clancey, W. J.; Richer, M.; Wilkins, D. C.; Barnhouse, S.; Kapsner, C.; Leserman, D.; Macias, J.; Merchant, A.; & Rodolitz, N. Guidon-Debug: The Student as Knowledge Engineer. April, 1986.

Abstract: GUIDON-DEBUG is an instructional program in which a student learns by debugging a knowledge base. We attempt to teach specific medical facts, as well as general principles for critiquing and improving diagnostic reasoning. The knowledge base to be debugged is provided by NEOMYCIN. The student communicates with GUIDON-DEBUG by editing the ordered record of questions asked by NEOMYCIN during a consultation, and by editing the patient-specific model that explains abnormal findings. GUIDON-DEBUG evaluates changes for consistency with NEOMYCIN's idealized diagnostic procedure and assists the student in genrating and testing domain model revisions. Thus, the student takes on the role of knowledge engineer, with the aid of powerful tools for inspecting and modifying the diagnostic process. In contrast with other intelligent tutoring systems, every effort has been made to expose "the maching behing the curtain," enabling the student to become engaged in our modeling methodology, rather than imposing upon him a predetermined view of the world.

Notes: 17 pages.

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