Semantically-Enabled Virtual Observatories.

Reference: McGuinness, D.L.; Fox, P.; Cinquini, L.; West, P.; Benedict, J.; Darnell, J.A.; Garcia, J.; Middleton, D. Semantically-Enabled Virtual Observatories. OWL: Experiences and Direction (OWLED-2006) workshop, Athens, Georgia, USA, November 10th - 11th, 2006.

Abstract: We are developing a semantic data framework for virtual observatories. A Virtual Observatory provides online location, retrieval, and analysis services to a variety of heterogeneous scientific data sources. We employ semantic technologies to integrate data and provide "intelligent" services such as ontology-enhanced search, analysis, and data visualization. Our specific initial deployments are in the field of solar-terrestrial physics where we target atmospheric and solar researchers as end users. In this paper, we describe our general use case, our approach using OWL-DL and related tools, and our initial deployment. We describe what we have found as benefits and challenges using OWL-based semantic technologies in our efforts building an operational system. Our system is deployed in two scientific data collections with community usage migration starting now.


Full paper available as doc, pdf.

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